Thursday, June 23, 2011

Genting Palace

Genting Palace..well it sounds grand, looked grand and the food there is terribly finger licking good..
That is the place that i choose to work and it's situated on Genting Highlands..

I choose to work to get extra earnings for the next sem...Then i can diet and get fit and then have a strong and muscular body like Thor..

Anyway, i'm not dreaming okay =.=!!i really worked very hard for it. But how am i able to accomplish my perfect body if i face these delicacies everyday??

I really taste all of them before..even though sometimes they're the leftover..

So, am i destined to be plum and have this kind of ass?

I cannot accept this okay..i will not give up lor!!You all think too much jor lar..

Thankz for all your prayers and gonna be back to uni life after 2 more months...

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